Aalto on Tracks: journey of a lifetime

Some of the greatest moments in my life have taken place in the middle of Siberia, while on a private train.

Aalto on Tracks took around 100 people from the Aalto University community on private train from Helsinki to the Shanghai World Expo, China, in May 2010. That was over 10,000 kilometers and a whole week on tracks!

This journey has been a very personal one for me. I was the chief organiser of the trip, putting nearly half a year of my time to make it happen. During this time, I learned about life and human interaction at a faster pace than at any other point in my life, and as a result made 100 new friends.

Our goal was to take Aalto University, Finland and Finnish education to the world. We wanted to unite the Aalto community and create an unforgettable learning experience for close to one hundred Aalto participants and guests.